A Fireside Conversation at Vichaar Manthan’s Sustainable Narratives Conference 2020

With Dr Shashi Tharoor

by Dr Sachin Nandha

In July 2020 Dr Shashi Tharoor, the Indian Member of Parliament, famous author and ex-United Nations Diplomat gave his thoughts on themes ranging from the “Chinese model” vis-à-vis Liberal democracies, to his defence of multiculturalism, and the need for re-ordering global institutions such as the United Nations.

The three greatest challenges facing the planet right now, according to Tharoor are the challenges facing democracies — where even those living in democratic nations are beginning to become ‘impatient’ with the outcomes produced by…

Vichaar Manthan

An independent voluntary organisation which engages in open dialogue, exploring issues facing modern British society through a Hindu civilisational lens.

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