A Fireside conversation at Vichaar Manthan’s Sustainable Narratives Conference 2020

With Achārya Vidyabhaskar (N.B. Achārya is the Sanskrit term for ‘scholar’)

by Abhilasha Kakkar

This fireside conversation with Acharya Vidyabhaskar explored the underlying notions of what it means to be ‘good’, from the paradigm of sustainable ethics. The aim was to examine which ethical principles human beings ought to live by, both for short-term and longer-term flourishing; by way of explanation, a set of ethical principles that are sustainable.

Vidyabhaskar began by commenting that although the use of the word ‘sustainability’ sounds wise and can often be synonymous with being…

Vichaar Manthan

An independent voluntary organisation which engages in open dialogue, exploring issues facing modern British society through a Hindu civilisational lens.

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